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For those of us who are not exactly the "aged" but decidedly not "the young". In other words, not too old to rock but a bit past "life is a party".

This community is welcoming of diversity. This means:

1. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual, Transgendered, Etc are welcome here and there will be no harrassment of such community members tolerated. Posting an anti-gay joke, comment, or post will count as harrassment.

2. Religious diversity is welcomed - You may be Wiccan, Baptist, Buddhist, Pagan, Unitarian, Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, or any other damn thing you please so long as you don't harrass others with your beliefs. (Hint: Posting that your religion is the One True Way counts as harrassment. Posting that you personally believe that FOR YOU your religion is the One True Way does not.)

This community is essentially a child free zone for old farts. This means:

Defining Old Farts:

1. That if you are under 18 this is definitely not your community.
2. If you are 18 to 25 this is probably not your community BUT if you feel reason/desire to be here then you might find what you are looking for.
3. If you are 25 to 35 this may well be your community but please respect your elders.
4. If you are 35 to 55 then you totally belong here.
5. If you are 55 to 75 then you too totally belong here.
6. If you are over 75, *Congratulations!* and PLEASE join and let some of us "youngsters" know some good things to look forwards to!

Defining Child-Free Zone:

I understand that many of us in say the 35-55 age bracket have children and are excited about them. Please, please, please, please do not share endless tales of your precious wonders here. And please, no tales about your breastfeeding experiences, birthing experiences and such. There are many many communities out there for that and if you prefer one like that, please ask and I'll be happy to point you to a few. If you have grandchildren and want to talk about them *some* thats okay but please understand there is no need for you to tell us all about what it was like in the delivery room with your daughter and other such tales. Lets not dwell on children here though, okay? All talk about animals however is highly encouraged!

Some questions to get you started (Note, this is not a questionaire - feel free to pick one, some or none of these):

Are you now where at 20 you thought you would be by now?

Have you met or exceeded any of the goals you had as an under 25 year old?

Have you changed political persuasians as you have added years and supposedly wisdom?

Are you happy being the age that you are? Why or why not?

Are you happy with your appearance today? Why or why not?

Do you wear the same style of clothing you did ten years ago? How do you feel about the styles you wear today?

How has sex changed for you over the years?

How has the meaning of sex changed for you over the years?

How have your religious beliefs stayed the same or changed over the years?

Have you reached the highest level of education that you have desired to? Why or why not?