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Kids today.....

Generations have made that statement and for more reasons than generations. Always it appears that the "younger generation" are somehow worse, have it better, and of course are less appreciative than the speaker's generation.

Earlier tonight I very informally watched some fireworks. I say very informally because I did not "go to the fireworks" as in set out to visit a park, a beach, a grassy knoll, or other set location with thousands of others to view pyrotechnics in honor of the US. No, I was kinda sorta going to do that. Sorta. A friend was volunteering at such an event and I'd thought to arrive about midway through the show, say "hello", watch then end of the show and head home. But as I drove that way I passed an area which was having it's own show and theirs had just begun and even from a distance looked quite spectacular. So I headed towards the light. Rather like the proverbial moth to the flame I suppose. Didn't quite know where I was heading, just "over there."

Found a very good spot apparently quite a ways outside of the actual park where they were firing up the show and simply parked and got out to watch. Well, there was a woman leaning on a minivan right nearby and she appeared to also be by herself. I felt a bit silly standing there by myself, she by herself and not at least saying "hello" or something so with a friendly smile in my voice, I asked her, "Are you here by yourself too?" She chuckled and said "No, my daughter is in the car. She has no interest in fireworks. She's inside watching a DVD." Now she didn't specifically say the next part but there was a hefty implication of such there: "And old stupid mamma has to stop and get out to watch silly old fireworks."

We talked for a few moments then. I learned that her daughter is 12 and that she thinks fireworks are dumb and boring. We talked and commented throughout the show on and off. I think we had a good time and I was glad for such nice, comfortable, somewhat kindred companionship for the show.

The woman said that at 12 *she* still liked fireworks. I stated that at 12 and later I very much did too! It seems like it was once normal to like fireworks regardless of age or "coolness status" - fireworks never used to be uncool when I was 12, 15, 18, 20 and up. The woman at one point mentioned Kids Today as losing interest quickly in anything without a joystick attached or the ability to fast forward.

I wonder if it is a speed thing, if the world was somehow slower when we were pre-teens and teens. I don't think so though. At least not for me personally. The area I grew up in was very fast paced and was then, a faster paced locale than where I live today. We didn't have a lot to say about why all this maybe is like this today for Kids Today. Only that it is.

Eventually the show was over and we left to go our separate ways, preferring to leave fast to beat the traffic rush. We agreed that the show was really really good, but I for one, and I suspect she also, left at least a bit saddened because it really does seem that Kids Today are losing interest in fireworks by the time they are 9 or 10. Such a sad thing to lose. Fireworks always were such an awesome thing - and even now, yes, even if it is utterly "uncool" by Kids Today, I still feel them.
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