My Life... aka "Contorted Exercises in Futility" (notspam) wrote in oldfarts,
My Life... aka "Contorted Exercises in Futility"

First post!

Well, I guess someone had to do it! LOL!

So I was thinking this morning about my body while I got dressed in front of the full length mirrors that at times I question my sanity for having up. I remembered that once upon a time people used to say that I had "happy tits" - And somehow I just don't see that anymore. I think they're actually rather "pissed off tits" nowadays.

This of course led me to the age old thoughts about "What do we consider attractive and why?" It seems a given that firm resiliant skin is automatically considered more attractive than slightly toughened, worn, been there/done that kind of skin. And we tend to automatically believe that as Truth. And the closer we get towards "sag", the less attractive we tend to consider ourselves. Not to mention the less sexual we often consider ourselves. And I wonder how we became so conditioned to youth=attractiveness. Oh sure, its all over the televisions and all that and sure, it probably has its roots in the "breeding impulse" but I wonder why we buy into it so easily so often.

I consider myself a little bit lucky in that way. My father and stepmother didn't even meet until they were both in their 40s. She was 40 and he was 45 when they met and married. And they spent 25 years together, never ever hinting that either found the other any less attractive than when they met. I am quite sure they continued an active sex life even until he died at the age of 70. So that gives me a perspective that a lot of people never get the opportunity to have. Yet I find that perspective continually countered by society. It creates a firm need within me to steer by my internal guidance based in my own experiences and perspective even more.
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Mine are busy (I'm a nursing mom) and crestfallen. Great post!