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New to this group, thanks for having it ...some thoughts....

I am feeling rather grumpy and I hope that you all don't mind if I vent a bit here. I also need all the new friends I can get. I'm 43. Please read my profile if you're interested in learning more about my life.

Is it just me, or are the younger people with their 'hipster attitude' and clothes, tattoos and piercings really obnoxious? Am I turning into my father--good God, I hope not! I keep thinking about the people I see who are in their late teens and early twenties who have a large number of Tats. How are they going to feel in 20-30-40 years when the skin sags and droops and those cool groovy tats they got when they were in college look like crap?

I recently saw an article about the booming tattoo removal businesses. All that ink is often a bitch to take off once it's there. Especially the dark colors. Ok, can you tell that I don't have any tats? HA HA! I must be getting old or something. Piercings will probably heal up over time, but ink is pretty hard to remove.

Some people now have trouble dealing with having tats on their arms, necks and legs in corporate America. It's got to be awful to get a job where you have to dress up daily and try and hide those tats in very visible places. Lots of employers don't like that sort of thing. At least piercings on the face can be removed and then put back on after work.

Ok, if you are over 40 and are into body art and piercings, you'll probably give me crap for posting this, but it's just a subject that has been bugging me lately. I have seen WW2 Vets whose tats look like crap and are barely visible with their wrinkled skin.

I keep thinking that it'll be the same in 40 years for the younger folk now.

I have to laugh.


Thanks for a nice group for us OLD FARTS!
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